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2011 Event



Norman Public Library

Schroeder Lab Outreach

Science Café Norman

The Science Cafe at the Norman Public Library is open to all Norman residents interested in learning more about current scientific research. Interested citizens meet once a month to learn about diverse new science topics. Dr. Sean Crowell organizes the motnhly events. Undergraduates in CHEM 4923 "What a Wonderful RNA World!" and MBIO4810 "Topics in Virology: RNA Viruses from Molecular Structure to Infectious Disease and Therapeutic Strategies" share what they've learned and practice their scientific communication skills at poster presentations with the Norman Science Cafe. The next presentation will be on December 6, 2012 at 7pm in the Norman Public Library.

2011 Event

Topic: New Approaches to Treat RNA Viruses

Date: December 1, 2011

Do you remember the last time you had the flu or a cold? Did you realize that these are RNA viruses? Do you know a family member or friend with HIV-AIDS, another RNA virus? Did you know that the World Health Organization has almost entirely eradicated polio, yet another RNA virus? If these questions interest you, then consider attending Science Cafe Norman on December 1, when undergraduate students in Dr. Susan Schroeder's course at OU will present their research on the latest methods for combatting viral illnesses such as hepatitus, influenza, ebola, and HIV.

MBIO 4810/5810 Students at the Norman Public Library in December

2010 Event

Topic: New RNA Therapeutics

Date: May, 2010

CHEM 4923 Students at the Norman Public Library in May

2008 Event

Posters from the Spring 2008 presentation on the RNA World at the Norman Public Library

Norman Public Library

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