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Schroeder Lab Members

Lab Member List

Xiaobo Gu, postdoctoral researcher, team pRNA

Jui-wen (Ryan) Liu, undergraduate researcher, aerospace engineering major, team STMV

Katie Mailey, undergraduate researcher, biochemistry major, team Thermo

Joshua L. Malone, undergraduate researcher, biochemistry major, team pRNA

Jake Morgan, undergraduate researcher, microbiology major, team pRNA

Andy Phan, undergraduate researcher, biochemistry major, team Thermo

Gretchen Scheel, undergraduate researcher, zoology major, team Thermo

Jonathan W. Stone, post-baccalaureate researcher, mathematics major, team STMV

Isaac Sung, undergraduate researcher, computer science major, team STMV

Mengyi (May) Yang, graduate student researcher, botany masters student, team STMV

Lab Life Photos

Spring 2012

Susan Schroeder (PI), Gretchen Scheel   Click to the Full Article

Fall 2011

Top row: Sam Bleckley, May Yang, Xiaobo Gu, Jessica Mackiewicz, Susan Schroeder (PI)

 Front row: Negin Mirhosseini, Abby Overacre, Josh Malone

 Not shown: Ryan Liu, Jon Stone


Top row: Xiaobo Gu, Ryan Liu, Sam Bleckley, Josh Malone, Susan Schroeder (PI)

 Front row: Negin Mirhosseini, May Yang, Jess Mackiewicz, Abby Overacre, Ajenda Johnson

 Not shown: Jon Stone


Summer Picnic 2011

Top row: Steven Harris, Sam Bleckley, Negin Mirhosseini and friend

 Bottom row: Susan Schroeder (PI), Josh Malone, Xiaobo Gu, Ryan Liu and friend

 Not shown: Jess Mackiewicz, Abby Overacre, Jon Stone


Fall 2010

Top row: Xiaobo Gu, Steven Harris, Josh Malone, Sam Bleckley

Bottom row: Jess Mackiewicz, Susan Schroeder (PI), Abby Overacre

Not shown: Gabe Campbell, Chris Guild, Jon Stone

Fall 2009

Top row: Steven Harris, Montana Rowe, Jon Stone, Jess Mackiewicz, Julia Layne

Bottom row: Mai-Thao Nguyen, Susan Schroeder (PI), Becky Myers, Xiaobo Gu,

Koree Clanton-Arrowood, Samantha Seaton

Fall 2008 

Top row: Jon Stone, Sean Lavelle, Steven Harris, Middle row: Xiaobo Gu, Koree Clanton-Arrowood,

Alumni List

Sam Bleckley, New Zealand adventurer

Koree Clanton-Arrowood, chemistry instructor at Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma City, OK

Gabe Campbell, greenhouse assistant Sanctuary Aquatic Plant Nursery, Blanchard, OK

Abigail Overacre Davis, graduate student at the University of Tennessee, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN

Brian Doherty, project manager for CrAg LFA International kit at IMMY (Immuno-Mycologics) biotechnology company, Norman, OK

Brina Gendhar, chemicals professional, Kalamzoo, Michigan

Theodore Gibbons, graduate student at University of Maryland Molecular and Cell Biology Program, Baltimore, MD

Christopher Guild, self-employed, Tulsa, OK

Steven Harris, SPIRE (Seeding Postdoctoral Innovators in Research and Education) postdoctoral fellow at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Sean Lavelle, software engineer Thetus Corporation, Portland, OR

Julia Layne, OU undergraduate and teaching assistant Computer Science department

Chase Leehan, OU undergraduate

John McGurk, medical student at University of Texas, Southwestern, Dallas, TX

Negin Mirhosseini, full-time mother, Norman OK

Becky Myers, medical student at University of OKlahoma Health Sciences Center, former high school teacher at Veritas Academy, OKlahoma City, OK

Kevin Myers, employee of Cargill, Inc., Muscatine, IA

Mai-Thao Nguyen, medical student at University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK

Montana Rowe, MS in Computer Science, University of Oklahoma 2011, software engineer at OwlStudy, start-up company in Edmond, OK

Jessica Mackiewicz Saeki, student at University of British Columbia

Samantha Seaton, law student at University of Washington, St. Louis, MS

Shelly Sedberry, medical student, Des Moines University, Des Moines, IA